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Sell Without Agents Commissions

We all love to pay our Real estate agents thousands and thousands of dollars in commission and fees for conducting viewings, don’t we? In fact the more we pay our agents the happy we are right? We hear you saying, “sell my home and charge me as much money in your commissions and fees as possible please?”

Well probably not!

An estate agent might earn 2% for a sale. Let’s say they sell your $800,000 property and charge you 2%. That equates to $16,000. Not a bad pay cheque right?

Well what if you don’t have enough equity in your property to pay the estate agent his fat commission? What are your options if you want to sell fee free? What if you just simply don’t want to pay the agent that much money?

Sell My House Quickly Please will either buy your property off you directly so wont charge a commission, or can help you sell your property fee free and commission free. We get paid by the buyer coming in, so our fee dosn’t need to come out of your sale price.

But not only this, Sell My House Quickly Please can show you how you can restructure your property to achieve a higher sale price as well as huge demand from buyers.

So if you are saying please “sell my home commission free” then we can help. If you want us to “sell my home fee free” then yes is the answer to this too!!

Fill out the form to the right of the page and let Sell My House Quickly Please get your property sold commission and fee free!