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Sell Negative Equity Property

Are you wondering “how do I sell my home that is in negative equity?” If you are in Western Australia and are looking to sell your property, you may be one of the 10% of WA sellers who are stuck in a negative equity problem and have been unable to sell up to now. According to recent studies published by RP Data, 1 in 10 homes in W.A. are in negative equity, where the property is now worth less than the mortgage value.

Negative equity has been a major problem up until now, as it meant that sellers were literally stuck in their properties and unable to move forwards in their life, as no one…until now…would want to buy a property at the full mortgage price, paying more than the market value for a Perth property in negative equity.

Let’s look at an example, imagine if you had a property in the South West, possibly Bussleton or Dunsborough. Properties in these areas were selling at peak record prices a few years ago. Now, you just need to drive along the streets and see that nearly every second property has a for sale sign up in their garden. With an oversupply of available properties, sellers compete against each other for quick house sales, resulting in a reduction of property values. So what happens if say a seller has bought their property a few years back, paid $800,000 for their 4 bed house, took a mortgage out for 100% finance, and now they need to reduce their sale price to a minimum of $700,000 to compete with the other similar properties for sale in their area?

These sellers are saying “please sell my home, I need help to sell my house but no one will pay me the $800,000 I need to clear my mortgage. If I am to sell my home at current market value of $700,000, I can’t afford to pay the bank back the other $100,000 to clear the mortgage. What can I do?”

We are happy to say that there is now a solution to negative equity Perth property. If you want out, Sell My House Quickly Please can pay you the full mortgage value of your property and make it happen rather quickly. If you ask us to “sell my home in negative equity” we can make your mortgage problem disappear fast, so you never need to make another mortgage payment again.

How would it make you feel if you transfer your mortgage responsibilities over to us, and walk away debt free? Well it’s now possible.

How Do I Sell My Home in Negative Equity

Here is how it works.

Sell My House Quickly Please purchases your property by making the mortgage payments and covering all your property costs until we are able to pay the mortgage down to a low enough level to dig you out of the negative equity hole. If you qualify, we provide a simple solution to “how do I sell my home at full mortgage value” by making taking care of the entire debt bit until we have you out once and for all.


If you are asking “how do I sell my home today even though it is in negative equity,” we can help. The alternative to Sell My House Quickly Please Negative Equity property purchase is two fold;

1)      I could sell my home at the price the market will pay; and owe the bank possibly tens of thousands of dollars


2)      If I didn’t sell my home but rented it out instead until property prices pick up; this could take years and also cost you thousands of dollars in mortgage payments, void periods, insurance, maintenance and property management fees.

So what is your best option? Getting rid of your mortgage and property costs fast with Sell My House Quickly Please, or owing the bank thousands or renting your property out for years and covering the costs?

The choice is yours. It’s kind of a no brainer!

Fill out the form to the right and sell your negative equity property with Sell My House Quickly Please.