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Property Not Selling?

Sell My House Quickly Please often comes across sellers saying “I have not been able to sell my home, it is just sitting on the market without any interest, what should I do?”

What options do you have if you are genuinely unable to sell your West Australian property? What happens if you have a property in any region across the Perth metropolitan area and despite your real estate agents best intentions, you and your agent is simply unable to shift the property? Is there anything Sell My House Quickly Please can do?

I cant sell my home, what are my options?

a) I can’t sell my home, maybe I should rent it out?

This is one option you may consider to help cover some costs, but be aware, more times than not, you will be dipping into your pocket throughout the year to cover additional costs. Remember, if you rent your property out, you will need to cover the following costs

1) Mortgage payments: even when they increase

2) Maintenance: anything that breaks in your property you foot the bill for

3) Void Periods: between tenants there are usually 1 or more months of vacancy before you are able to put another tenant in

4) Insurance: of course this comes out of your pocket too

5) Rates: yep, you need to put some cash aside for this as your tenants don’t pay it

6) Property Management: this could cost you upwards of 10% of your total rent received to pay someone to look after your property. And here is a tip, most agents over charge for maintenance, they even do it sometimes when the property does not really need it and bill the owners for it


b) I need to sell my home, but it’s in poor condition

Many sellers are unable to refurbish their property by putting new kitchens and bathrooms etc into the house as it simply costs too much money to do so. Tradies have gone silly with their charges, so few people can afford their work today. And this could be stopping your property from selling. If your property needs some cosmetic work, Sell My House Quickly Please may be able to pay the bill for this in order for us to achieve quick house sales.

c) I think I cant sell my home because buyers don’t like the location

Sell My House Quickly Please have buyers that would love your property, regardless of the location

d) I want more money when I sell my home than I have been offered

Most sellers want the maximum price possible for their sale. This is normal. Sell My House Quickly Please can help you restructure the way you are offering your property for sale, so we can get you the highest possible price.

So regardless of why you believe you have been unable to “sell my home,” here at Sell My House Quickly Please can give you fast ways of achieving a sale, despite the fact that you may not have achieved a quick sale up to now.

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