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Get a Quick Cash Sale

Do you want to sell your Western Australian home quickly? Do you want fast cash for your Perth property? If you are asking your real estate agent to “sell my home, just sell my house quickly,” and the results have not been fast enough for your liking, then we may be able to assist.

Sell My House Quickly Please can offer you an actual purchase of your property. If you need a fast turnaround time in the sale of your WA property, then you no longer need to be asking for help selling your house, just ask us to “buy my house” instead!

Cash is king! Many people need to sell their properties for a variety of reasons. You may be asking us to buy your house for one of the following reasons;


I need to sell my house quickly as I need to generate some cash to pay my bills.

Or I want to sell my home fast as I have defaulted on my mortgage and am about to get repossessed.

Or please buy my home as no one else has made an offer and I just want out!

Maybe you are asking to sell my house quickly as you are leaving the country and need a fast cash sale.

It is a well known fact that most Perth sellers use real estate agents to sell their properties. This is fine, but it means dealing with 2 different entities. One is going to help find the buyer, and the second is going to buy your property…hopefully!

On the other hand, when you sell to Sell My House Quickly Please, you are dealing with the buyer directly, and you cut straight to the end user. This can be a time saving experience.

If you need results fast, we can help.

If you need certainty of a sale, we can help!

If you want professionalism, and courtesy, we can help!

If you want a quick cash sale, again, we can help!


Sell My House Quickly Please can offer you;

Some Now, Some Later: Please buy my house and I am happy to take some cash now and some cash later. Here is another option for a cash sale. If you want a fast cash sale and need some cash fast, but you are happy to hold out for the remaining bit as long as you can get a higher sale price overall with some delivered later, Sell My House Quickly Please can offer you Some Now and Some Later. You get your money in 2 cheques through your solicitor, one today and one down the road at a pre-agreed time. This means you still get our speed and certainty, and even a higher sale price.

Speed: We can move at a speed that suits you. If you need a fast turnaround time, we are there for you. If you have time but just want certainty, we are there for you. We will buy at a pace that suits your moving out time and date.

Certainty: If you want to be certain you are going to get your property sold, then our property buying company will deliver this. With the uncertainty in the property buyng sector at the moment, it will probably come as good news to you that you will have the certainty of a quick house sale through us. For peace of mind, we can deliver your cash and a fast sale.

Flexibility: Flexibility is key when it comes to making a smooth property sale in W.A. Flexibility with price, completion time, move out dates etc, all need to work for you as the seller. We fit in with your desired outcomes.

Fair: I need to sell my home and I want a fair sale price, we can help. If you need certainty and a fast cash sale, we will give you a fair sale price based on this. For our cash offers, we usually pay from 65% and 85% of full market value, if you want the cash in your bank and the property sold in a short period of time. We do ask for a discount as we will need to turn around and put the property on the market for sale again, hopefully selling it at a higher price. As we deliver certainty and speed, we do request such a discount in return. If you need a higher sale price than what we can offer you in our cash for house offer and as long as time is on your side, you may be better suited to our Buy My House for up to 110% of Full Market Price offer.